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Why Does My Cartridge And Battery Get Hot?

Why Does My Cartridge And Battery Get Hot?

April 16, 2021

If you have ever used a cart you may have noticed that they can get hot. The first step to solving this problem is determining which part is causing the heat. In most cases, it’s a problem with the coil inside the tank. Carts get hot because electricity travels through the coil, turning your oil into vapor. The coil can reach temperatures of 300 °C / 570 °F or higher. While the outside of the tank won’t get this hot, the heat is fairly concentrated and can make your device feel warm. This is more likely to happen if you are using your cart continuously and for extended periods. Doing this does not give the coil time to cool down as temperatures get higher with every session.

The type of coil can also affect the temperature of your cartridge. For instance, a standard Clapton coil uses a thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Cartridges that use these coils get hotter than a standard coil. This is because the outer, thinner wire takes less current, but heats up quickly and is in direct contact with the already-hot inner core.

Most of the time your battery will not cause an issue with heat. In the rare events where the battery is the issue, take quick action.

Cartridge batteries are designed to operate in external temperatures up to 60 C/140 F. The insides of the battery can be even hotter when they are being used. As for internal temperatures, the maximum safe temperature is 78 C /172 F. Moreover, by the time you notice the heat, the inside of your device is even hotter. If this happens, you should follow these precautions: (1) stop using your cartridge, (2) move it away from flammable items, and (3) disconnect the battery.

Another reason your cartridge and battery might be getting hot is because of coil gunk. Sometimes, gunk accumulates around the coil and prevents it from absorbing your oil, producing a dry hit. These dry hits cause the coil to overheat without producing a cloud. There are many options to choose from when selecting the right cartridge for you, but if you are looking for a device that doesn’t get hot, you might want to consider a cartridge that has a ceramic coil.

Ceramic coils have numerous advantages. They are more durable, deliver a good flavor, resistant to abrasion, don’t produce dry hits, and are tolerant to high temperatures. They do not conduct heat and also last much longer than the common resistive wire coils. Cheaply made cartridges not only get hot, but can emit poisonous heavy metals like lead into your products. This is because lead is commonly used by vape pen manufacturers. After all, it is cheap and allows them to save money from production costs.

If you are looking for a qualified cartridge that does not get hot or emit heavy metals into your product, check out DMLift Inc’s revolutionary zirconia ceramic cartridges.  They eliminate the possibility of harmful metals leaching into your oils without sacrificing cloud production, flavor translation, or aesthetics. Zirconia ceramic cartridges are also durable. They will not shatter if dropped and are scratch-resistant. These cartridges have microporous ceramics. They are coated with cotton, use a resistive wire, and absorb e-juice in pockets like a honeycomb. When the wire is turned on, it heats up the ceramic element which acts as a wick. Due to its microporous structure, the oils climb through capillary action–meaning it draws fluid upwards against gravity through a porous medium.

If you are interested in a device that uses the latest cutting edge technology and provides the best user experience, check out our cartridges at DMLift Inc. Our cartridges do not conduct heat so they can stand up to very high temperatures, greatly increasing lifespan. The mouthpieces are made to precisely fit the natural contours of your lips and allow you to create an airtight seal around the tip to effortlessly take draws. Overall, if your cartridge and battery are getting hot, it is likely due to the heat-generating coil in your tank. You can address this by using our ceramic cartridges at DMLift Inc.

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