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What is a Distillate Syringe?

A Distillate Syringe is a tool used to dispense concentrated botanical extracts in a precise and controlled manner. Oil distillate is made by refining extracts through a multistep process which includes various factors of temperature and pressure. Separating and isolating specific compounds like CBD from the rest of the plant material.

This results in a translucent, viscous liquid that is incredibly potent and can be used in a variety of ways. This includes direct consumption such as a dabs, infused pre-rolls, or consumed as is. It can also be utilized as a precise applicator in edibles or topicals. The syringe is designed to make it easy to measure out precise doses of distillate and apply it exactly where needed.

Distillate syringes offer unique value propositions for both recreational and medicinal users. This makes it a great option for businesses looking to expand their product lines and offer customers a range of options.

What makes DMLift's Air Release Syringes unique?

Our Air Release Syringes are designed with our proprietary, patented air release technology. Providing an unmatched solution for distillate storage and dispensing. Our product patent number {US 11,040,144 B1} is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Giving DMLift the sole rights to manufacturing and sellings syringes with air release capability.

The design of our Air Release Syringes features a unique plunger tip that unscrews from the metal plunger handle. Allowing for easy filling and dispensing of distillates. The unscrewing mechanism works in tandem with the luer lock protrusion on the end of the barrel.

This creates an airtight seal, ensuring that the distillates are kept fresh and protected from contaminants. This function is particularly important for distillate storage, as it helps to preserve the potency and flavor of the product.

One of the key benefits of our air release technology is that it makes plunging easier. Reducing the amount of force required to dispense the distillate. The air release feature allows for the release of air that builds up in the syringe during the filling process.

In doing so, the distillate is prepared for storage, packing, filling, etc. By utilizing this feature in our design, we have created a more user-friendly and efficient distillate dispensing experience. This caters to businesses as well as consumers that value product fidelity.

Overall, our Air Release Syringes offer a unique and innovative solution for distillate storage and dispensing. Our patented air release technology and high-quality materials ensures that these syringes provide a superior and reliable product for customers.

What types of materials are used for Air Release Syringes?

Our Air Release Syringes are carefully designed with a material composition that provides superior performance and durability. The key components of our syringes include:

  • Borosilicate glass: The borosilicate glass barrel is a high-quality material that is commonly used in laboratory equipment and medical devices. Borosilicate glass is chemically inert and able to withstand high temperatures. This makes it an ideal glass housing component for use in our distillate syringes. The glass barrel is also transparent, allowing for visual clarity of the distillate volume and consistency
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a popular material used in many applications. Due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Stainless steel is more resistant to rust and staining than regular steel. as it forms a thin layer of oxide on the surface which protects it from corrosion.

This makes it ideal for distillate processing where high levels of hygiene and cleanliness are required. We offer various grades of stainless steel per our client needs, which includes 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  • Gold: We use 18k gold plating on the tips of plungers for distillate syringes. Gold is a chemically inert metal that does not react with most substances, including distillates. The ideal material to prevent any pollution or unwanted reactions between the distillate and the material of the plunger tip.

Additionally, the smooth and non-porous surface of gold makes it easier to clean and sterilize. The aesthetic appeal of the gold plating adds to the overall value and quality perception of the product.

  • Copper: Copper is the main material used for plunger handles in our distillate syringes. Copper is highly resistant to corrosion and has sterilizing properties. Making it an excellent material for use in medical and healthcare applications.

Copper is a sustainable material that is easily recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for manufacturers. Overall, the combination of functional and aesthetic properties makes copper a popular choice for plunger handles in distillate syringes.

The material composition of our Air Release Syringes is carefully chosen to provide the best possible performance and durability. The borosilicate glass barrel ensures product fidelity, while the plunger provides a smooth and consistent plunging experience. The choice between the use of stainless steel or 18k gold tips allows for an appealing aesthetic. Simultaneously functioning to ensure product fidelity.

What customization options are offered?

Our Air Release Syringes can be tailored to meet the unique branding needs of individual clients. One of the key customization options is the plunger color. We can coat our plungers to match a specific pantone color scheme aligning with your brand or product line.

We offer a wide range of color palettes to choose from. Ensuring that you can find the perfect shade to complement your brand. In addition to plunger color customization, we also offer branding and logo printing capabilities.

Our high end printing equipment allows us to print your logo or brand directly onto the syringe barrel or plunger. Allowing your brand to be prominently displayed. This customization option is ideal for companies looking to separate their product lines from competitors.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

At our manufacturing and wholesale company, we have a minimum order quantity of 1000 units for syringes. We incur various input costs such as purchasing raw materials, printing, labor, and other supply chain processes when producing our syringes.

By requiring a minimum order quantity, we can spread these costs across a larger number of units. Thereby allowing us to offer more competitive pricing while maintaining production efficiency and quality control.

We are more than willing to provide smaller orders for clients who would like to test a smaller unit quantity. We strive to provide solutions which match our customers' requirements and keep their budget in mind.

If you need a small order for testing purposes or are ready to make a larger investment, please contact our team. We are always happy to provide more information and discuss customizing our products to meet your needs.

Do you offer price breaks?

Our customers can take advantage of our volume discounts when purchasing syringes in large quantities. As the number of units purchased increases, the cost savings become greater. This allows our fixed production costs to be spread out over a larger number of units. This leads to a decrease in the unit cost, making our syringes more affordable for our clients.

To prepare an order for distillate syringes, we carry out various activities. These steps include setting up the production line, sourcing raw materials, and paying for labor. Additionally supplementing printing costs, customized designs, and ensuring that all health and safety standards are met.

The fixed costs involved in the production of the syringes are allocated across the total number of units in each order. This means that by increasing the number of units in an order, the fixed costs become distributed across each unit. Thus leading to a lower unit cost for our clients.

By offering volume discounts, we are able to pass on these cost savings to our clients. Hence, making our air release syringes more affordable and accessible to a wider range of buyers. Regardless if you are a small businesses or larger company. We are confident that our volume discounts offer the most cost effective solution for clients.

What are your expected lead times?

Our lead time is dependent on the level of customization required for your product.

When ordering unbranded Air Release Syringes, our standard lead time is 3-5 business days. However, the lead time for customized syringes and peripheral products is longer, typically taking 3-5 weeks to be manufactured and shipped.

The lead time for customized goods is influenced by several factors, including the level of customization required. If the customization is more complex, it may require a longer lead time.

At our company, we prioritize meeting our clients' needs and delivering products in a timely manner. Contact us and we will work to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities. If you have specific time requirements for your order, let one of our client representatives know.

How can purchasing agreements benefit businesses?

For many businesses, purchasing large quantities of products can be a significant investment. At our company, we understand this challenge. DMLift offers a range of purchasing options to help our clients get the products they need.

One such option is a purchasing contract. A legally binding agreement between our companies that outlines the purchase quantities of products over a specified period. This choice is ideal for companies that require a consistent supply of hardware products regularly.

Businesses can secure a lower price per unit for their syringes by entering into a purchasing agreement. This guarantees a predictable cost over time which helps to provide better unit economics free of market changes.

Furthermore, this offer can help mitigate inventory costs by ensuring a steady average order of supply. Which will mitigate the potential for holding costs. This can benefit companies that may need to consider variable factors in the supply chain. Including inventory turnover or cash flow fluctuations.

Aside from purchasing contracts, we offer other pricing options for our air release syringes. These options include volume discounts and special promotions, among others. Our commitment is to provide clients with the best possible pricing and service. While also ensuring that our products are high quality, reliable, and economically priced.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss customizing products that meet your needs.

Example of our purchase agreement model:

Company A can benefit from a lower unit price by purchasing Air Release Syringes in bulk. With a monthly requirement of 5,000 syringes, the annual purchase would amount to 60,000 units.

Company A can choose to pay a 30% deposit on an order for 60,000 units for the year. In lieu of of buying 5,000 syringes every month at a higher unit cost

This enables them to purchase 5,000 syringes each month at a reduced unit cost. Please note that the deposit will only be applied to the final 30% of the total units shipped.