Zirconia Vs. Metal Cartridges: A Cost Benefit Analysis
Zirconia Vs. Metal Cartridges: A Cost Benefit Analysis

Zirconia Vs. Metal Cartridges: A Cost Benefit Analysis

May 14, 2021

In every industry, there is always a product considered to be top of the line or premium. With cartridges, it is the same story. Not only can the quality of the contents vary, but the construction of the cartridges matters too. So, why are dental-grade zirconia carts becoming more popular? In this blog, we break down all the key differences you need to know about zirconia and metal cartridges. Here’s just a few ways full zirconia cartridges stand apart from the rest.


Until recently, metal cartridges ruled the industry. They were a cost-effective and reliable way of heating oil until lower-quality metal carts entered the market. These cartridges indeed contained dangerous levels of heavy metals and other materials leaching into oils. Leaching happens when the acidity from the oil begins to react with the metal material, which allows harmful metal compounds like lead to seep into the product

To prevent metal compounds from ruining your oils, make sure to invest in a quality cart. If you want the most from your cartridges, there’s no better choice than zirconia. They are the ideal consistency to prevent oxidation as they can stand up to the heat without disrupting the oil. The lack of protective coating on cotton wicks, like the ones used for most metal carts, can result in frequent failures of the wires. This is due to oxidation. The phenomenon is more likely to occur during repetitive heating and cooling periods. As a result, a layer of oxidized material can form, creating a risk of that layer peeling off and leaching particles into your oil.

Beyond the mechanics and construction, zirconia cartridges are safer and made to enhance your experience. They are proven to be safer than traditional metal carts. In example, in 2016, a famous cartridge reviewer named Phil Busardo became concerned with potential particulate release in vapor when reviewing ceramic coils. He mandated a third party for further analysis of the particles emitted. The analysis report did not confirm his concerns. It stated that no particulate matter could be found after using the ceramic coil. With that said, there is enough evidence to prove that cotton wicks are unsafe, and there is a wide range of devices with ceramic wicks available as an alternative.

The cartridge's heating element is at the root of this problem. This part gets the hottest and has the most potential to give off toxic fumes. No one wants to inhale dangerous and toxic chemicals. Stay on the safe side and make sure to avoid cheap cartridges that contain low-quality metals or lead soldering around the heating element.

Better Taste

As ceramic coils are more porous compared to metal, the oil absorbs better, which creates a flavor that is tastier and stronger. The high dental-grade consistency of zirconia cartridges is also more pure than metal. It has no contaminants that affect the taste. These traits alone allow zirconia carts to be more capable of delivering clean and flavorful hits.

Metal cartridges can taste burnt if you take a dry hit. A dry hit is the moment when you take a drag on a cartridge that’s not fully saturated. This causes the heat to warm up the wick and burning it, producing a burnt taste. When this happens, aldehyde levels can become dangerous for the consumer. By using a zirconia cartridge, you can avoid this because zirconia cartridges don’t use cotton for heat, and they don’t produce dry hits that taste burnt.

Improved Cloud

The porous nature of ceramic coils not only adds flavor, but also increases the surface area of heat. The full spectrum of heat increases the amount of product that can be inhaled per puff, producing robust vapors and a big cloud. Zirconia cartridges use less oil, have an improved taste, and last longer, making it a more sensible choice.

Clear View of the Oil

The white background of the zirconia housing allows you to see the quality of the oil better than metal cartridges. Quality oils look similar to honey. Oils that are exceptionally dark should be avoided. The oil should be clear and free of any debris.

A Step Above the Rest

If you are looking for a safe, clean, and pure cartridge, get one that is made from dental-grade zirconia. Don’t cut corners and buy cheaper cartridges. From a cost and health benefit standpoint, it makes sense to go with the best made products the industry has to offer. One reason why people use cartridges is to reduce the harm that's associated with smoking. A simple way to avoid issues like this is to only buy from reputable brands and their authorized dealers.

That is why it is essential to find a manufacturer that produces high quality cartridges. At DMLift Inc we place the highest priority on product safety and quality. We perform certified testing on all of our cartridges. You can be confident that our cartridges are safe and are made from the best materials like dental-grade zirconia.

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