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Manufacturers are now using QR codes to fight counterfeit cartridges.

Manufacturers are now using QR codes to fight counterfeit cartridges.

May 26, 2021

Quick Response (QR) codes can help you decide which cartridge is best for you. After reading the national headlines, you might think that cartridges are trying to kill you. If your clients are not concerned about buying quality carts, they certainly will be. Of course, there are dangerous cartridges in the black market, and customers might not understand the difference. QR codes can help. Many cartridge manufacturers are turning to technology to help further boost consumer confidence. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to make an educated, informed decision about which cartridges are right for you—and the safer you’ll be as a result.


QR codes for cartridges are becoming increasingly significant because new rules and regulations are changing industry best practices, helping companies improve the efficiency and relevance of quality controls. That is why traceability is important. Traceability can test production chain efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and tell stories about the origin and location of the cartridge, reducing risks by quickly looking for defects before they arrive on the market.

If you stay up to date with the cartridge manufacturing industry, you are familiar with the news about toxic cartridges and governmental shipping constraints. The industry indeed suffered a setback as counterfeit cartridges infiltrated the market. These cartridges contained dangerous heavy metals that leached into oils because of cheap metal cartridges. While these unsafe cartridges left a significant blemish on the industry, they boldly underscored the importance of testing and finding quality manufacturers whose cartridges can meet and exceed all safety standards.

For example, the rise of counterfeit cartridges is an industry-wide concern. These phony carts took lives and ruin the reputation of quality products. Brands that are frequently counterfeited are trying to help consumers identify their licensed products from fakes. Adding a QR code to cartridge labels or packaging is the best way to combat counterfeiters. Fake carts are a reality, and it’s always better to be overcautious than careless. You might be expecting a quality-infused vape cartridge. But instead, you could be purchasing a counterfeit label without even realizing it.


Given the demand for a safe and effective way to inform consumers, the QR Code is a popular option that offers transparency. They interact with smartphone apps to help consumers learn what is inside a cartridge. QR codes can provide a wealth of updated ingredient and supply chain information. They can store up to 4296 characters, making them a viable tool, and are used to get customers to download apps, provide information, initiate customer service, access WiFi networks without a password, and purchase products. They are also great for industrial purposes, such

as inventory management, mobile marketing, product packaging, contact tracing, and even print advertising.

While more education for media and consumers on supply chain and safety regulations is necessary, there is an immediate need to help customers feel confident with their purchases. Transparency can help regain this confidence. For example, many cartridge manufacturers provide a certificate of analysis (COA) using QR code technology. Being transparent is no longer an option, it is a fundamental requirement for a cartridge manufacturer. Yet labeling requirements vary from state to state. With a general lack of standardization between states, producers and distributors must pay close attention to the rules that exist today. Transparency is a part of our company culture at DMLift Inc. A lot of confusion is eliminated when quality products are clearly labeled. That is why we are in the process of implementing QR Codes on our packaging that will link directly to personalized information associated with your cartridge. We manage our customer relationships by creating value.

QR Codes labels not only help consumers make informed decisions about the product they’re consuming but allow brands to assure quality as new rules and regulations are changing industry best practices. QR codes for cartridges are becoming increasingly important because they represent a way companies to stay in compliance as the laws change around them. To recover a sense of confidence and trust, they must embrace transparency by relying on traceability.

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