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A white, child proof box 3d image partially sliding out of a shell with a button press child safety lock mechanism.

Innovative Child Resistant Packaging Solutions: Insights

January 24, 2023

At DMLift Inc., the safety and well-being of children is a top priority. Kids are by nature curious and inclined to get into things that may harm them. It is important for parents to take proactive measures to protect their kids from adult products.

In recognition of this, DMLift Inc. recently made a concerted effort to offer family friendly packaging solutions. In order to mitigate as much risk as possible and to help keep products out of the reach of children.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of child-resistant packaging (CRP). Providing an added layer of protection against accidental ingestion or exposure. DMLift Inc. also offers custom foam inserts and graphic design services to further enhance the safety and security of their products.

Our company is committed to providing peace of mind to parents. Ensuring the safety of children via innovative and comprehensive packaging solutions. Here are some of the functional aspects of our child resistant packaging designs.

Product Packaging

DMLift Inc. can provide a full service of affordable and professional packaging solutions while catering to design. Child safe packaging design compliance includes tamper evident and tamper proof seals. However, the efficacy of the packaging shouldn't hinder but enhance your product aesthetics and company branding strategies.

Child Proof Boxes

White child proof box 3d image opening and closing from the interior and shell repeatedly over a purple background

The child resistant box is a convenient and practical packaging solution for businesses. Optimal for protecting your products while maintaining ease of use for adults. The locking button mechanism is simple to operate.

Making it quick and easy for adults to access the contents inside the box. The locking button design also ensures that children are unable to access the contents. Providing a high level of safety and security.

In order to release the box, press the button, and then slide the tray out of the shell. Children five and under will not be able to open it even if they chew or open aggressively on the packaging. We also support custom printing for an optimal retail experience.

Child Proof Plastic Tubes 

Plastic child proof tube sitting on a wooden desk opening and closing repeatedly by the top, press and twist cap

Our child resistant tubes are designed for multiple use, perfect for storing cartridges and pre-rolls. The tube's compact and discreet design makes it easy to store and transport. Its' multiple use capability makes it a cost effective option for businesses and consumers alike.

Child proof tubes feature a locking mechanism requiring simultaneous actions to release. The opening release requires more tactile acuity than children five or under reasonably possess. This makes our tubes a child-resistant but adult friendly packaging option.

Child Resistant Packaging Regulations

The policies regarding specific products, tamper evident packaging, and tamper evident seals are set forth by both state and federal agencies. States make their own rules and regulations about what should be allowed in terms of adult use products. The Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH) and the Michigan Regulatory Agency (MRA) inform and update businesses about in-state regulations. These agencies set the standards for child safety within Michigan.

State regulatory entities often set guidelines on how to label products and tamper proof accordingly. Vape pods and disposables vapes are a fast-growing product category in the industry. More startups and retail shops pop up every day with both national and statewide regulators. Thus, child-resistant packaging is becoming a significant part of the industry.

California regulatory agencies outline different levels of CRP per category of product.

Single use "Initial CRP" - The package is initially child-resistant, but once opened, it is no longer child-resistant. If used, the package’s label must say “This package is not child-resistant after opening.” Products that meet single use CRP requisites include:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Topicals
  • Dab, shatter, wax
  • Vape Cartridges


Multiple use "Lifetime CRP" - The package maintains its child resistance throughout the life of the package. It can be opened and closed, but still remains child resistant. Products that meet multiple use CRP requisites include:

  • Edibles
  • Orally consumes concentrates, such as tinctures or capsules
  • Suppositories

While most state regulatory agencies may have similar criteria, these requisites are often subject to change when considering the global market. It is important to be aware of these policies in order to seamlessly assimilate your brand into the market.

Our Company 

At DMLift Inc, we understand that successful product branding goes beyond just creating a visually appealing product. We have developed a comprehensive company branding strategy that incorporates high-quality graphics, color palette variety, and cohesive color schemes. Our primary goal is to ensure your products appeal to your target audience. We aim produce visually impressive product lines that emphasize the distinct corporate branding and identity of our clients.

Our dedication to creating packaging that stands out on shelves is reflected in our tamper-proof product design. We understand that packaging not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a visual representation of a brand. Our design team works closely with clients to understand their product branding strategy and create packaging that reflects this identity. Throughout the design process it is important to adhere to criteria for child resistance, end user safety, and tamper proof packaging.

White Label Product Design

Blank labeled products, such as bottles and jars, sitting on a neutral white to gray gradient background.

Our primary focus through our product packaging initiative is to emphasize your product brand. Through a firm understanding that a lasting impression on consumers is crucial for the success of a product. Ensuring top of mind brand recognition that resonates with your audience as well as a clear distinction from your competitors.

DMLift Inc. is always innovating and adopting our practices and guidelines as policies change. More than ever, people are judging products based on how manufacturers demonstrate concern for their well-being. Our industry experience has helped numerous companies better understand the value of a good relationship with consumers and their needs. It is essential to earn trust when developing a strong product brand with consumers.

DMLift Inc has a responsibility to make packaging as safe as possible for children. Parents can't foresee every potential risk, but DMLift Inc's packaging can help every customer reduce the risk. Responsible choices in child-safe packaging for your products is ethically essential.

DMLift Inc. can work with you to put safety demands first. We take pride in developing safe, reliable, and cost effective packaging solutions for your products.

Would you like a quote on child resistant packaging? Click here to request information about custom vape cartridge packaging

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