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Child Resistant Packaging: From the viewpoint of DMLift Inc.

Child Resistant Packaging: From the viewpoint of DMLift Inc.

September 23, 2021

It is common for parents to be concerned about their children's safety and well-being. Naturally, kids are curious, and they often get into things that can harm them. Keeping kids safe from adult products is vital when protecting your kids. That is why manufacturers are developing child-safe packaging. Also, as cartridge products face legal battles across the nation, manufacturers that package and sell these products are beginning to establish rules specifically governing their sales. That is why DMLIFT INC. has recently focused its efforts on family-friendly packaging that keeps products away from kids. In addition to manufacturing child-resistant packaging, we can design graphics and manufacture custom foam inserts. DMLIFT INC. can provide a full service of affordable and professional packaging solutions while catering to design.

The child-safe packaging leaves ample space for legal, branding, and product details as they provide easy label application and tamper-evident capabilities. Child-resistant locking mechanisms are for cartridges 1ml or less. The child-resistant paper box is designed for cartridge packaging and is easy for adults to use. Our child-resistant box has a locking button on the side, which locks into the hole on the shell. To release the box, press the button, and then slide the tray out of the shell. This makes our side box a child-resistant but senior-friendly packaging option. Children five and under will not be able to open it even if they pull, hit, rip, bang, or chew on the packaging. We also support custom printing for an optimal retail experience.

States currently make their own rules and regulations about what should be allowed. The Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH) and the Michigan Regulatory Agency (MRA) inform in-state businesses about any requirements. These agencies set the standards for child safety and establish rules that indicate how to label products appropriately. Cartridges are a fast-growing industry in Michigan, and more startups and retail shops pop up every day. With both national and statewide regulators, child-resistant packaging is becoming a significant part of the industry.

DMLIFT INC. is staying ahead of the game by designing a child-proof packaging initiative that will ensure the integrity and safety of its products. More than ever, people are judging products based on how manufacturers demonstrate concern for their well-being. Our experience has helped them see the value of a good relationship with consumers and their needs. It is essential to earn trust by incorporating the best practices of child-safe packaging. DMLIFT INC. has a responsibility to make packaging as safe as possible for children. They do so with the customer in mind. Parents can't foresee every potential risk, but DMLIFT INC's packaging can help every customer reduce the risk. Making responsible choices in child-safe packaging for your products is essential, and DMLIFT INC can work with you to put safety demands first. We take pride in getting you safe, reliable, and cost-effective packaging solutions for your product. Would you like a quote on child resistant packaging? Click here to fill out our contact form and a representative would be glad to help you.

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