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DM Lift Inc. has developed the perfect 510 cartridge accessory as a solution to a common distillate consumption hindrance. High-viscosity oils often need to be warmed either internally or externally to initiate a pleasant vaping experience. Often times vape pens offer a warming feature, typically as a function of the vape battery. However, this can be a painstakingly slow process and doesn't always have the highest efficacy with thick concentrates.

The Cart Warmer works in tandem with any 510 battery, 510 thread cartridge, and distillate syringe. It applies induction heat evenly over the entire surface area of the desired hardware. This mitigates any potential risk to the user and damage to the product container or device.

Consumers often use DIY methods like applying direct heat to an oil cartridge or distillate syringe. However, this method can prove to be potentially hazardous to both the user and the hardware itself. Hence, DM Lift has developed a 510 battery attachment to fill a market gap in the vaping and botanical extract industry.

It is quite common for consumers using DIY heating methods to unintentionally damage their wax cartridges and syringes. Due to many different types of vape cartridge materials, some of which can include cheap plastic, brittle glass cartridges, or subpar ceramics. Possessing an appropriate cart heater accessory is pivotal in providing customers with the best experience.

Size 16.5mm(ø) * 53mm
Heat Method Induction
Heating Material Stainless Steel Wiring
Thread Type 510


Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) are available.

Interested in learning more about DM Lift's 510 Cartridge Warmer and other vape accessory products? Email to contact our design team and work with one of our client partners. Product samples can be requested by filling out one of our Wholesale Sample Request forms.

Pricing and MOQ may vary depending on the customizations desired.

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