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DM 016 Cartridge





The DM 016 is our most cost effective cartridge solution that couples elegant yet simplistic aesthetics with proven reliability. This 510 cartridge is a testament to our product development and manufacturing process. Equipped with our signature ceramic coil, the DM 016 provides a smooth vaping sensation and full flavor profile.

Featuring a unibody design, the DM016 cartridge is comprised of an FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic propylene. This high tensile strength material possesses a high chemical resistance and a low coefficient for thermal expansion. Making it the most affordable, yet effective solution vape cartridge available anywhere on the market.

The bottom fill aperture allows for easy filling en masse, equally compatible with both manual (arbor press) or automated solutions. The unibody reservoir is secured to the base via the permanent seal design. Which creates a leak-proof and airtight encapsulation that protects the integrity of the product.

Oil Capacity

0.5 ml, 1.0 ml


0.5 mL: 10mm (ø) * 50mm

1 mL: 10mm (ø) * 58mm

Mouthpiece Shape Flat Short, Flat Long
Body Material Plastic Propylene
Fill Type Bottom Fill
Seal Method

Permanent Press & Seal

Gasket Material Viton, Silicone
Base Material Gold Plating, Stainless Steel Plating

Intake Aperture Count

4 (Standard), Customizable

Intake Apertures Size

1.0mm (ø), 1.2mm (ø), 1.8mm (ø)

Coil Type


Coil Resistance

1.2 ohms

Airflow Source

Bottom Airflow

Thread Type



1000 units


If you're interested in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), feel free to get in touch. Contact our product design team via

Our team works closely with clients during the design process. In order to ensure that the DM 016 cartridge is customized according to their specific requirements. This way, every aspect of the product is catered to meet the particular needs of your clients.

Please note that the pricing and minimum order quantity (MOQ) may differ based on the features and branding preferences requested.

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