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DMLift has designed a premium product for use in the botanical extract industry. The Air Release Distillate Syringe is an innovative solution that has set a new industry standard within this particular product category.

Developed specifically for dispensing thick oils and distillates, making them superior to plastic syringes by every metric. Single-use, disposable syringes can be both messy and difficult to dose accurately. Our proprietary glass syringe design provides a cost effective and eco-friendly option for businesses and consumers alike.

Our Air Release Syringes are also an optimal vessel for the storage of premium oils. The air release technology working in tandem with the luer lock appendage creates a vacuum seal for thick liquids. Due to the use of medical grade, high-quality materials such as a borosilicate glass barrel and precious metal plating. The components that make contact with the products are chemically inert and corrosion resistant to ensure product fidelity.

The Air Release Syringe (Distillate Dart) possesses unparalleled accuracy and consistency for the storage, dispensing, and dosing of thickened liquids. Uses might include medicinal RSO distillate (Rick Simpson Oils) dosing, product infusion, or commercial processing. The metal Air Release Syringes' versatility allows for use in both personal and professional applications.


Oil Capacity 1mL
Patent Number U.S. 11,040,144 B1

Glass Barrel: 11mm (ø) * 48mm

Metal Plunger: 8mm (ø) * 42mm

Fill Type Top Fill
Plunger Material Copper, 304, 314, 316 Stainless Steel
Plunger Tip Material

304, 314, 316 Stainless Steel, 18k Gold

Plunger Colors Pantone, Metallic
Seal Method Air Release Plunger Twist, Luer Lock Stopper
Seal Material

Viton, Silicone

Barrel Material

Borosilicate Glass

Barrel Graduation


Dispensing Tip Luer Lock Appendage
Certifications CE, ISO13485, FDA

1000 units (Standard)

3000 units (Customized)


Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is available. In order to contact our design team and to speak to our client partners about custom branding, email

The pricing and MOQ will vary as they are dependent on the desired modifications and material preferences

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