Zirconia Air Release Syringes


November 11, 2021

DMLIFT INC.’s reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking company is something we do not take lightly, and we are always exploring ways to provide even better solutions for our customers. Our patented systems and materials we possess and continue to develop have been proven to be successful in our mission. We understand that our customers are looking for reliable, high-quality products that they can trust to deliver for their brand. Now, we are ready to release our most recent development in our pursuit of innovation - the all-new Zirconia air release syringes. Featured are Viton O-rings, our signature medical-grade zirconia material, and medical-grade borosilicate glass for their barrel. 


Unlike traditional ceramics that will degrade over time and chip, you can be assured that with their Zirconia-based construction, these chemically unreactive syringes will stand the test of time. In addition, the Zirconia material’s unreactive properties will keep your concentrate looking as pure as it is chemically. Looking deeper into its components, the medical-grade borosilicate glass offers low coefficients of thermal expansion. As a result, you will no longer need to worry about shattered glass due to high temperatures. The optional Viton O-rings may utilize the most durable commercial rubber and are meant to withstand any deterioration from liquids or high temperatures, but the standard medical-grade silicone rings are nothing to glance over either. Their FDA approved silicone contains no toxins, is nonporous and hypoallergenic, and resists bacterial growth. 


For the first time, our customers can experience the benefits of our Zirconia material and air release technology simultaneously.  The combination of utilized materials ensures the high quality and purity of your concentrate on the inside while maintaining a highly durable and sleek outside. The Zirconia air release syringe stays true to our formula and offers a valve that allows air to be removed to prevent oxidation. Aside from the technology and materials used in these syringes, DMLIFT INC offers even more incentive to try these syringes out for yourself. These syringes are fully customizable both in graduation on the glass barrel and printing on the side and top of the syringe plunger, allowing you to personalize them to your unique specification. 



DMLIFT INC is proud to make this introduction into our product line and knows it will provide customers with the same great air release syringe experience while at the same time utilizing our signature Zirconia as well.  Would you like a quote on these Zirconia air release syringes? Click here to fill out our contact form and a representative would be glad to help you.

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