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How to Get Customers to Try Your Products

October 26, 2022

As a growing business, it is imperative that you develop a relationship with prospective customers and cater to their needs through each step of the buyer’s journey.

Utilizing a business strategy like Product Sampling is an effective method for driving sales at a crucial touch-point, growing your brand awareness, and swaying customer decisions. 

Here’s how product sampling is one of the best business practices to employ in a competitive market:


Drive Sales at Point of Purchase

  • There is much evidence to support product sampling as a conversion rate tactic. Research has shown that customers who have been introduced to new products via samples had significantly higher purchase rates. 
  • One study in particular had shown that samples paired with cash-back incentives would promote sales growth, however discount coupons alone would only benefit purchases made at full retail price. 
  • Sampling utilizes more than just a persuasive argument to purchase products, but also creates opportunities for promotional events, enhanced customer experiences, and greater brand awareness. 
  • In an article by Supermarket News, consumer packaged good companies conducted sampling campaigns which yielded the following data:
    • 68% of consumers said sampling persuaded them to purchase
    • 69% of companies said in-store sampling was the best method for new product launches
    • 32% of customers from interviews stated that sampling would make them try a new product


Grow Your Brand Awareness

  • Spreading awareness on your brand, value propositions, and product line for your business today is now more important than ever in a highly competitive market. 
  • With a variety of communication methods and marketing strategies prevalent through digital channels, product samples can yield dividends on brand recognition, due to the sheer weight that online advocacy and word of mouth has on your brand. 
  • Product sampling allows for immediate engagement with prospective customers, demonstrating customer relationship management, cementing brand recognition, and a higher probability for conversions 

Leverage Consumer Psychology

Sampling efficacy aligns closely with human psychology, which having an in-depth understanding of can enhance your business’ ability to guide consumer behavior. Here are some psychological aspects that product sampling can leverage:

  • Reciprocity Bias: The impulse to reciprocate actions done towards us. Pay back debts, return favors, and treat other well
    • Free samples can easily be perceived as a thoughtful and generous action, worthy of reciprocity. This initial action spurs obligatory feelings within customers to perform something in return, whether that be a purchase or spreading brand awareness on a product. 
  • Zero-Risk Bias: The tendency to choose the complete absence of risk instead of an exponentially larger amount of risk reduction
    • So even if your product’s value proposition is immense, the prospect of purchasing an unfamiliar product or brand poses an element of risk. Therefore, a product sample is an efficient method for rendering the zero-risk bias negligible. 
  • Availability Heuristic: This concept operates on the notion that if something can be remembered it must be important, or at least more important than alternative solutions which are not as readily recalled
    • Product sampling capitalizes on this concept by making your product, brand, and experience memorable for buyers, making decisions between brands more likely to yield in your favor. 

Acquiring new customers, convincing them to try your products, and successfully keeping them loyal to your brand will always pose a challenge for businesses of any size.

Product sampling can supplement your arsenal of business strategies by establishing rapport with your prospective customers. Like any relationship... leading with your best foot forward is always preferable.

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Written by: Louis Vejmola

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