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Blueprint of Air Release Technology

DMLift Inc. Patented Air Release Syringe

December 22, 2020

The mention of the word "syringe" often elicits negative associations with medical procedures, hospitals, or even drug abuse. However, syringes have a wide variety of practical applications beyond those contexts.

DMLift Inc has taken syringe design to the next level by developing and patenting a syringe with innovative "air release technology." This revolutionary technology enables the removal of air from the syringe's internal chamber. Thereby streamlining the process of loading and reloading the syringe.

With DMLift's patented air release distillate syringes, filling the syringe is no longer a daunting task. These syringes allow the user to insert the plunger into the syringe and release air from the glass barrel simultaneously. A few simple twists of the syringe close the air release valve, making it ready for use.

These glass syringes have set a new industry standard for professionals who work with oils, thick solutions, and other concentrates. The user-friendly nature of the air release syringe offers greater efficiency and precision. Making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications.

History of the Syringe

According to The University of Queensland in Australia, "The origins of the syringe can be found in Greek and roman literature." Described as "Hollow reeds for the ritual of anointing the body with oil and as musical instruments. Using a plunger to alter the pitch.” 2000 years later and the syringe can be seen used in the exact same way.

Francis Rynd, an Irish physician, made significant contributions to the development of modern medical syringes. In 1844, he designed the world's first practical hypodermic syringe with a hollow needle. Capable of penetrating the skin to administer medication or extract bodily fluids.

Rynds' syringe was a major breakthrough in medical treatment. As it allowed for the precise delivery of medication to specific areas of the body. His invention innovated the field of medicine and had a profound impact on patient care. Laying the foundation for modern medical injection techniques with needles and syringes.

Syringes For Concentrates

Typically most people do not refill their cartridges as it can be very messy and time consuming. Throwing out a used cartridge and grabbing a new one may seem more convenient. However, it certainly is not the best practice. In doing so, we create unnecessary waste, which furthers environmental problems.

Syringes are commonly used for dispensing concentrates and filling cartridges in the industry of botanical extracts. Concentrates such as oils, waxes, and shatter can be difficult to handle, making it hard to measure accurate doses. Syringes provide a precise and controlled way of dispensing these concentrates. Allowing for consistency in dosing and more efficient use of the product.

One common application for syringes in the botanical extract industry is for filling cartridges. Cartridges are pre-filled containers used in vaporizers to deliver plant extracts. These cartridges need to be filled accurately to ensure consistent potency and proper functionality.

Syringes are ideal for this task because they allow for precise dosing. They can easily be inserted into the cartridge without spilling or wasting any concentrate. Additionally, syringes can be used to refill cartridges, providing a cost effective and eco-friendly option for consumers.

Syringes are also commonly used for dispensing concentrates directly onto a dab rig or vaporizer. This method is often preferred by users who enjoy dabbing or vaping. As it provides a convenient and controlled way of consuming concentrates.

The small size of the syringe allows for easy handling. Graduation markings on the barrel make it easy to measure the desired dose. Additionally, syringes are reusable and can be easily cleaned for repeated use. Making them a practical tool for both personal and commercial use in the botanical extract industry.

DMLift's Air Release syringes are designed as a high quality product that ensures each material component is chemically inert. Our metal plungers are tipped with either 18k gold plating or 316 stainless steel. We use either viton o-rings or silicone o-rings as a sealant. As well as equipping each borosilicate glass barrel with a luer lock stopper.

Our premium product is the perfect commodity to manipulate high viscosity concentrates at precise measurements. Simultaneously reducing waste with the Air Release Syringe multi-use functionality. With a versatile type of plunger, our product is immensely superior in every way to plastic syringes.

Efficient storage

Syringes are widely used as a means of dispensing and measuring fluids in various industries. However, as a unit of storage, they have traditionally been plagued by issues of leakage and messiness. The potential for fluids to leak from the syringe barrel has been a source of frustration for many professionals. Leading to wasted resources and a lack of accuracy in dosing.

Fortunately, DMLift Inc has patented an innovative solution to this problem: Air Release technology. This technology provides a means of storing fluids using a syringe without any leaks or messes.

To use this technology, simply insert the plunger into the barrel and use the air release valve to remove any air. This creates /a vacuum in the barrel that effectively locks the liquid in place, ensuring no leaks or messes occur. Once the air has been removed, twist the plunger to close the valve and secure the liquid in place.

This technology is particularly useful for professionals who require precise dosing and accurate storage of fluids. Such as individuals in the medicinal or chemical industries. It can also be beneficial for individuals who use syringes to store and dispense their own fluids. such as those who require daily doses or those who create their own DIY concentrates.

With the Air Release technology, users can store fluids with confidence. Knowing that there will be no leaks or messes to clean up. This makes syringes a more efficient and reliable tool for the storage, dispensing, and dosing of fluids.


The Air Release technology by DMLift Inc provides a solution to the issue of leakage and messiness in syringe storage. It also offers a more sustainable option through its reusable nature. This feature is beneficial for both users and the environment.

In the past, plastic disposable hypodermic syringes have led to a significant amount of waste. As they are often disposed of after only one use. However, the Air Release syringe is made of borosilicate glass and can be used multiple times. This makes it a more economical and sustainable option for those who use syringes frequently.

Furthermore, the Air Release syringe is easy to use and maintain. The simple process of removing air and locking in the liquid is quick and efficient. Making it an attractive option for professionals and individuals alike.

The Air Release syringe is a better, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly option than traditional syringes. It is also a more cost effective one due to its reusable function.

Users can make a positive impact on the environment by using the Air Release syringe. As well as save money by reusing the syringe multiple times. Additionally, its accuracy and consistency make it an ideal option for those who require precise dosing.

Overall, the Air Release syringe offers a multitude of benefits and is a worthwhile investment for anyone. If you are looking for a reliable and sustainable option for fluid storage and dispensing, look no further. 

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