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Blueprint of Air Release Technology

DMLift Inc. Patented Air Release Syringe: A Game Changer

December 22, 2020

The Air Release Syringe, the game changing device for all your storage needs.

When the word syringe comes to mind, we usually have an unfavorable reaction to it. We either think of medical procedures, hospitals, or worse substance abuse. Storage syringes have a wide variety of uses. DMLIFTINC has taken it a step further by designing and patenting a syringe that has “air release technology.” This technology removes air from the internal chamber of the syringe allowing the process of loading and reloading more efficient.

History of the Syringe

According to The University of Queensland in Australia, the origins of the syringe can be found in Greek and roman literature, described as “…Hollow reeds for the ritual of anointing the body with oil, and as musical instruments using a plunger to alter the pitch.” 2000 years later and the syringe can be seen used in the exact same way.

The main focus of the use of our syringes falls into 2 categories:

- Efficient storage

- Reusability

Typically most people do not refill their cartridges as it can be very messy and time consuming. While it might be easier to throw out a used cartridge and grab a new one, it certainly isn’t the best practice. In doing so we create unnecessary waste, leading to further problems in the environment.

DMLIFT INC. has designed an Air Release syringe that helps solve both of these problems.

Efficient storage

As a unit of storage, syringes have been found to be too leaky and messy. Typically using syringes as a means to store fluids has been met with disappointment and waste. The patented Air Release technology by DMLIFTINC provides a solution. Simply insert the plunger to remove the air through the air release valve of the plunger. Then twist the plunger to close the valve. This locks the liquids in place. Resulting in no leaks or mess.


By solving the storage issue, we also find a solution to reusability. Reusability is great for your bottom line as well as the environment. Instead of creating waste, the syringes are great for filling cartridges as well as being reused themselves. Made out of glass, the syringes can be used over and over again.

Whatever your use may be, the Air release syringe will certainly be a better, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly option than the rest.

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